Building Swordsman Library on ClassicPress

I’ve had this dream for several years now — my own personal online library of Christian literature. And it’s not only because fulfilling this dream will give me great pleasure; it’s also because this library will serve as a strong foundation for my works for God, esp. my writing. This project will have the name of Swordsman Library, and it will be part of Swordsman of the Word. For now, my plan is to publish a small number of public-domain Bibles (like WEB, ASV, & KJV), and a select collection of public-domain, conservative, and mostly-Reformed Christian writings (like the books and sermons of John Calvin and Charles Spurgeon). And because many of these materials have audio versions courtesy of LibriVox, I’m also planning to self-host those MP3 files and embed them in the pages of their corresponding text.

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Free Online Bibles has moved

Instead of being closed down as I previously announced, Free Online Bibles is now located at It is no longer a part of Swordsman of the Word, but is now a foundation of my future Bible-studies blog, Unbreakable Faith. Please update your bookmarks accordingly. The old site at will be deleted in a few weeks time.

It’s yet another new beginning for me…

Because life is one continuous journey after all. And so here I am, with this brand-new personal website. A Hugo static site. Self-hosted. And all mine. This is primarily a blog for my musings about anything that matters to me, but it also serves as my business front as a freelance writer. (It does feel different, having a blog that I can truly claim as my own, compared to blogging using hosted solutions like

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And so… what now?

Hello friends. I know that you’ve all been wonderin’ about what’s happening… and I’m sorry to say that the news I carry will not make you happy. I’ve been busy, not only in trying to build my self-hosted websites, but also in seeking God’s present directions for my life. I’m in a crossroad, you see, and though I’m not giving up on my works, I also only want what God wants for me.

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A Time for Everything

Hello friends. My name is Arjay B. Araña, I’m a Filipino, and this is my primary website, Swordsman of the Word™ — my essays-blog where I write about God, the Bible, and the Christian faith. God has called me to full-time ministry, and blogging is my major way of serving him (and for now the only way). Unfortunately, the sad news is that most of my planned works for Swordsman Network are indefinitely suspended, including my works on this website. Supposed to be, this blog is being moved and transformed from a dynamic, site to a self-hosted, static Hugo site. My present circumstances, however, particularly the breakdown of my PC, are preventing me from doing that work. Also, and more important, the increasing censorship and persecution on the internet in regards to free speech are making me think twice about pursuing it right now.

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