A Time for Everything

Hello friends. My name is Arjay B. Araña, I’m a Filipino, and this is my primary website, Swordsman of the Word™ — my essays-blog where I write about God, the Bible, and the Christian faith. God has called me to full-time ministry, and blogging is my major way of serving him (and for now the only way).

Unfortunately, the sad news is that most of my planned works for Swordsman Network are indefinitely suspended, including my works on this website. Supposed to be, this blog is being moved and transformed from a dynamic, WordPress.com site to a self-hosted, static Hugo site. My present circumstances, however, particularly the breakdown of my PC, are preventing me from doing that work. Also, and more important, the increasing censorship and persecution on the internet in regards to free speech are making me think twice about pursuing it right now.

NOTE: As a result of this delay, the essays and other posts I’d already written and published for Swordsman of the Word will remain unavailable until this work of moving and transforming is completed. Nevertheless, for the sake of you who want to know more, I’ve republished in my study journal this ministry’s Founding Documents, which are essays I wrote describing what Swordsman of the Word is and what it means to me. Also included is my announcement about my theological convictions.

Moreover, in addition to working on my primary website, I was also working on the beginnings of Swordsman Library, and I was actively posting in Swordsman Community. The first is going to be my small collection of conservative Christian resources that will supplement my own writing, and the second is where I curated other similar resources from the internet, including sermons, lectures, and music videos. My works on these sites are suspended too, and for now I have closed them down.

As with any nascent undertaking, my primary lack is financial support, especially in acquiring the computers on which to build the ministry (I’m planning on using Devuan GNU+Linux as my operating system). Of course, I also need money to provide for my needs and that of my family, and to set up my own office.

My other important lack is knowledge. First, I need to be proficient enough in using Linux. (I’m not a beginner, but neither am I a skilled user). Second, I still need to finish my studies and training for the ministry. (Since I can’t go to a seminary and my attendance in a Bible school was interrupted, it’ll be mostly by personal study and endeavor). And third, I definitely need to know how to build Swordsman of the Word (and the larger Swordsman Network) in the harsh political and economic climates of this present world. Right now I’m hosting this website in NearlyFreeSpeech.NET, where their only condition is law-abidance, but I doubt that’s enough to protect me. I also need to know how to receive money from my supporters without being restricted much on what I can or cannot do.

In short, I need money, time to study, and the right people to help me. I cannot do this alone, my friends, and right from the very start I have counted on others helping me.

Considering all these things, Swordsman of the Word, then, is a Christian blogging ministry that is just waiting for its right time within the overall plan of Christ for his Kingdom. As the Scripture says in Ecclesiastes 3:1 —

For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven…. (ASV)

Actually, Swordsman of the Word is not just a ministry, but it’s going to be an entity with two natures — a business on the outside, but a ministry on the inside. It’s an independent and conservative Christian ministry/business, and under the authority of God’s Word alone. For its business ventures, I’m planning on publishing and selling ebooks of public-domain Christian literature in addition to asking for donations for my own free writing.

And yet… even though it’s waiting, this ministry is not at standstill. Because despite all the setbacks, I’m still blogging, and for now and in the foreseeable future, my efforts are focused on my new study journal blog, Swordsman Beginnings. The seeds for the essays that I will write someday for Swordsman of the Word are planted there.

Also, I’m maintaining my blog for Swordsman Network. Follow this if you want to stay updated with the news about this ministry and with my latest posts.

My friends, if you share my vision and want to help me, I will greatly appreciate your support. Just contact me and let’s talk about how you can help me.

If you’d like to give financially, you can send me your donations through Ko-fi (one-time) and Liberapay (recurrent). Both are using PayPal as their payment processors. Or you can transfer funds directly to my PayPal account.

And if you’re living in the Philippines, you can also send me money through GCash, Smart Padala, and Palawan Express. Again, just contact me for my financial details if you want to support me through these channels.