And so… what now?

Hello friends. I know that you’ve all been wonderin’ about what’s happening… and I’m sorry to say that the news I carry will not make you happy.

I’ve been busy, not only in trying to build my self-hosted websites, but also in seeking God’s present directions for my life. I’m in a crossroad, you see, and though I’m not giving up on my works, I also only want what God wants for me.

Going then to the heart of the matter:

My efforts in the past several months trying to restart my blogging ministry, Swordsman of the Word; trying to publish online some Christian resources, esp. audio books; and then trying to migrate my websites to self-hosted solutions (along with the difficult search of finding a suitable CMS), have now all led me to one undeniable and inescapable conclusion. And that conclusion is: I have no choice but to shelve these works for now, and then, at least for the next few years, focus my efforts on achieving the knowledge and resources I need, so that I can truly and finally pursue this ministry.

This is sad, I know, but I’ve always maintained that Swordsman of the Word is God’s work, not mine, and that he is the boss. He will provide for my needs, and I will not stubbornly push for this ministry when he doesn’t want me to. And right now that seems to be his guidance.

Therefore, in the light of this, I’ll be closing down Swordsman Network, Swordsman Beginnings, and Free Online Bibles in the next few weeks. All that will remain of Swordsman of the Word is its main landing page at I will update the information there to reflect this present situation.

Note: I believe that if the people whom God had called to help me had not refused, Swordsman of the Word would be well-established by now, and so does my life. But what’s done is done — I’ve left the past behind — and there’s only the future to look forward to.

Yes my friends, I know. This is painful. However, may I remind you that this closing down is only temporary. I’ve not given up, and I will continually build the ministry behind the scenes. Furthermore, there is still some good news, because shelving Swordsman of the Word doesn’t mean that you won’t be hearing from me. Not at all.

This is the new path that God is opening up for me: freelance writing, both as a Christian blogger and a technical writer. And I’ll be launching three simple websites in the next few months: two of them will serve as my writing portfolios (one for Christian writing, and one for technical writing), and the last one will be my new personal blog, which will also serve as my “storefront” as a freelance writer.

I’ll talk more about these later.

Note: This was originally posted in Swordsman Network.