My New Ministry:

Hello friends. As you all might have noticed, the Free Online Bibles website at is no longer available. You might also have noticed that the domain is now for sale. I’m sorry about the abruptness of it all, but my circumstances changed very quickly, and I had to decide and act fast.

Well anyway, I’m glad to announce that Free Online Bibles has finally found its new and permanent home at

ONLINEBIBLES.NET will be my new ministry, and it will also be part of my portfolio as a freelance writer. I’m very glad to have found this expired NET domain, and I quickly registered it. Given the fact that most of the important domain names today are already reserved, being used, or being sold, I feel very blessed indeed to have come across this — as if it was meant to be — a perfect and memorable name for my works for God, and under a popular and well-established TLD too.

ONLINEBIBLES.NET will now be the umbrella domain for all my ministry works online — publishing, writing, and engaging my readers.

There is the primary site at, which will contain my Bible studies and devotions. This was my original plan for Unbreakable Faith.

There is the resource site at, which already hosts the WEB, ASV, and KJV Bibles from It may also contain other Bibles — and other public-domain Christian literature — that I will publish in the future. This will be the fulfillment of my long-time dream Swordsman Library, although in a different name.

And how about Swordsman of the Word — my personal-essays ministry on how I’m living God’s Word? It will soon have its new home at

Yes, Swordsman of the Word will no longer be an independent ministry/business. In fact, I’m planning it to be just a blog for my personal essays. Let’s just say that I’ve already outgrown all the plans that I had before for Swordsman of the Word. But I’m not willing to let go of the name; that is what I am after all, and my vocation; thus the blog. However, I’m not sure if I still want to keep the domain. I might just let it expire. People who knew my works from before can simply Google my name if they want to find me.

And then there are the two possibilities: (1) a paid membership website, probably using forums; and (2) an ecommerce store for ebooks — those that I publish only, and those that I write myself, including my longer blog posts.

Please note that all these planned changes will take time to become reality. For one thing, I still have a lot of studying to do. For another, I’m still looking for a CMS on which to build my websites (ClassicPress is already out of the picture). Right now I’m looking at Textpattern and Drupal. The first is much easier to use, but the second is built for enterprise-level projects, and I prefer it. However, Drupal is made for web developers, and I’m not sure yet if my limited skills are enough for me to build the simple websites I need.