Update – July 2022

Hello friends. After a couple of weeks of thinking, praying, and evaluating the possibilities, here now is my update for It’s not good news, though, so don’t get your hopes up.

Here is the bottom line: Unless God intervenes and provides for the resources I need – enough for me to make a reasonable living – is going to take several more years before it becomes a reality. Sponsorship, which will allow me to focus and not split my working hours with a day job, will shorten that time to maybe a couple of years. Yes, this is an honest evaluation of the situation. I myself don’t like it, but there’s nothing I can do. This is not something that can be hurried.

And so, you ask, why the need for years? Well, as I said before, I still have a lot of studying to do – in my biblical and theological studies, writing studies, and computer studies. I simply need to be prepared, so that I can do the work. Also, there is that important matter of money: I just can’t do these things anymore without support, either by people who believe in me and my work, or through my own (future) income.

Anyway, if you’d like to understand more, you can read about my present circumstances in my personal blog, in the following posts:

In regard to computing, I’m willing to learn the things I need to know as a webmaster, so that I myself can create and manage my own websites. I don’t need to be a web developer (one who does real programming) to make use of free and open-source content management systems (CMS) like Textpattern and Drupal. (And if I keep things simple, everything will be manageable.) This will eventually save thousands of dollar, because there won’t be any need to hire experts.

Below is my tentative plan for my computer studies and websites for As you can see for yourself, this is going to take (a lot of) time.

Note: I have private wikis (DokuWiki) that I’m using as personal and research notebooks, and as management tools for my writing. I have set them up, but I still need to learn how to use them well.

Computer Studies

July 2022


Goal: To establish my foundations for blogging & freelance writing

Operating System:

  • Debian basics

File Management:

  • Double Commander
  • Midnight Commander

Editor / HTML Conversion:

  • Nano Editor
  • Pandoc + Markdown
  • Wkhtmltopdf

Editor / Wiki Management:

  • TEA Editor
  • DokuWiki

Documents Production:

  • LibreOffice Writer
  • LyX Doc Processor

Graphics Production:

  • GIMP
  • LazPaint
  • LibreOffice Draw

Business Tools:

  • GnuCash
  • LibreOffice Calc
  • LibreOffice Base


Goal: To build the main websites of

Web Technologies:

Programming Editors:

  • Geany
  • Bluefish
  • SciTE
  • Emacs?
  • Vim?

Webmaster Docs:

  • Google Search Console
  • Others

OBN Websites:

  • [1]
  • [1]
  • [2]

[1] Textpattern or Drupal; free PDF downloads of my blog posts
[2] phpBB; free membership


Goal: To build the library and store websites of

Advanced Skills:

  • Debian in-depth
  • Command-line apps (tar, 7z, git, rsync, etc.)
  • Bash scripting (with regular expressions)

Websites Production:

  • Hugo (static website generator)
  • Haiola (Bible formats conversion, including HTML)

Ecommerce platform:

OBN Websites:

  • [1]
  • [2]

[1] Static website only (HTML files + assets)
[2] PDF & EPUB versions of the library resources – for sale